An association providing education to the children of Tanzania


Hello, my name is Sandrine, I am the head of the Association MtotoSchool (mtoto means child in Swahili). I live in the south of France and my profession is Assistant Kindergarten at my home since 8 years. I love children and I admit that when I see a small African baby... I melt !

I have always been attracted to warm countries, particularly Africa and my holiday under the sun of Tanzania revealed my "Mother Theresa" side ! ...

I therefore wish to create a nursery school in Tanzania, in the Morogoro region for children ages 3 to 6 years in order to offer them a proper education, that every child deserves. The earlier they will access schooling, the best they will adapt to primary education. If you've read my story about my holidays with Maasaï, you will understand my motivation to create this school. I saw many young children who don't have access to education before the age of 7, either by lack of schools, either classes have an effective way too high (up to 80 students per class ... and more) or because they are too far apart. It's a shame, because there is so much to learn before entering elementary school ...

So we created this blog, my friends and I, for you to have the opportunity to engage in our project. This school will be called "MTOTO NURSERY SCHOOL". This project is still a dream, we are working on it to make it a reality and your donations would allow us to finalize our work.

You are the key to Mtoto NURSERY SCHOOL ... give it the opportunity to open its doors to our little mtotos !

Thank you in advance.


Jambo, my name is Emmanuel Langas Papactock, I live in Morogoro in Tanzania, I'm 21 years old and I will soon get through my high school education that will allow me to access university.

I started primary school studies in 2000. School conditions were difficult because my father passed away in 1996, when I was 3 years old ... My mother was struggling to take care of us but still we were very poor and sometimes we had no food and were forced to go to bed at night without eating ... I worked well at school but I had bad results because I could not attend school as I lacked books , shoes, clothing. I was trying to find a way to have a good education like other children, but I could not.

I continued school and I slowly started to have good results ! Unfortunately, in 2008 I had to stop school because we did not have the means to pay for school. After that, I stayed at home, with nothing to do except taking care of our four cows and cultivate a piece of land for food. But life goes on even if it is hard ...

A year later, I went to Zanzibar, to try to have a better life and sell souvenirs to tourists on the beach. Life on Zanzibar island was very hard for me because I did not really speak English so it was difficult to communicate with tourists. I met a Turkish woman who asked me why I was working on the beach instead of going to school. So I explained to her my situation and she was moved by my story ... She asked me to return home, to find a school and promised to pay my school fees. I listened to her advices, she has kept her promise and since that day, I study and I have very good results !

I have a French friend, Sandrine, who is the head of the MtotoSchool association. We communicate a lot and share a lot of our ideas about life. Together we want to create the Mtoto Nursery School because our goal is to help Tanzanian and Maasai children to receive proper education.

I do not forget where I come from, I am Maasai moran and warrior (click on massaï culture) proud of his tribe and my goal is to create a nursery school for children who wish to have high-quality education. Education is an important thing for me, so it is for this reason that I wish to lead the Mtoto Nursery School.

Your support will help me realize my dream, to give a good education to children in my area.

I want to thank especially my mom, my sponsor, and Sandrine who support me, and you too, the donators, who will enable Mtoto Nursery School to host many children, I hope so.

Asante sana (thank you very much).

A thought to our SECRETARY-TREASURER who choosed to remain anonymous but thanks to him, we were able to create the MtotoSchool association.

Thanks to you my friend ...


My name is Lusajo Ngimba. I come from Tanzania. I was born at Iringa municipality but for now i live in Morogoro region.
I am a simple man of little beginning who has enjoyed the mercy and grace of God.

My growth experience has shown me that irrespective of background, location or education you can still achieve your dreams.
All we need is helping children especially orphans. We wat to make them believe that they cant be what God has made them to be.
My heart pants consistently for the down trodden. I can't turn away from the lesse privileged.

Despite of coming from poof family, i have succeeded to go to school.
On 2002, I started my primary education at Kibwabwa primary school at Iringa region until 2008.
My family was suffered from proverty because my mother had no way to find money even for one meal per day... It was hard for whole family and sometimes she allowed us to go in bed at night without eating something because of economic problems...
From there I decided to engage with doing little activities for the purpose of having money to help my mother.
In 2009 I started my secondary education at Tagamenda secondary school at Iringa municipal until 2012.
My school life was more hard again because of lack of school fees, tuition fees and other school materials...
Even if I have studied in a hard situation, i have passed well in my national examination to enable to go for further education.
It was happy and sad for me because no one could pay school fees for me when I joined my fellow students at school.

In my life, my dream is to help children especially orphans, street children and disabled too.

Because of money problems I decided to make applications for nursery teaching course at GREEN BELT POLYTECHNIC COLLAGE at Morogoro because my aim is to help children and provide education to them.
More thanks to school management who allowed me to attend for nursery teaching course without giving them money because they knew what I wanted to do for poor children.

2014 I was done for certificate course and from there on April 2014 I decided to go at Sokoine village to meet massai people and give them my idea about children.

As we know, massai tribe doesn't care about education and my intention was to change their mind (not to think that only cattles are important but also education).
I wanted them to belive that they can be what God has  made them.
Pole pole, I started 1st class with 27 children but children were schooling in church because i couldn't have a good place for them.

It was strange and hard for me because children didn't know either english language or swahili language. They were only speaking native language...
During teaching process, many challenges faced into me like :
  1. Poor teaching materials like chalks, books....
  2. Lack of learning materials like games, boards, books for children...
As you can imagine, it was so hard for children to have quality education because they had no materials for school.

Eventually, in 2015 I met my friends, Emmanuel Langas and his brother Edward Langas who wanted to help children to work in good conditions...
Then after we spoken all together about MtotoSchool association I was so gladly to be part of MtotoSchool team because my target is to help children as the same as the significiance and priority of MtotoSchool Association.
From there I have begin to receive some learning and teaching materials from the president of MtotoSchool Association (Sandrine MICHEL) and children were so proud to receive some gifts from her.

In 2016 I have met Sandrine MICHEL. We real love her because she does much things for us and it's not finished for her to do all she can for children.
She is always wish all the best to children, for sure she is so kind.
When she was in Tanzania, she gave us a lot of gifts like note books, baloon for children and other school furnitures...

More thanks to MtotoSchool team for their sacrifice for children. They has shown us the real love and by this way I would like to say that MtotoSchol is so precious for our watoto (children in swahili).
In this world it's hard for someone to do little things for others. Many people think about their own life and not others like street children, orphans and disabled people.
For now, our priority is to build the 1st class but we real know that without sponsors and donators who wishing all the best to MtotoSchool, we can't do anything and we can't achieve our goal...


Never stop doing little things for others because those little things occupy the biggest part on your heart.

I don't forget to thanks all sponsors who wishing all the best to children and God may give them a long life.
They are not doing for nothing, one day they will be rewarded for sure.

Asanteni sana (thank you very much).