It is founded between the members with the present statutes an association governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901, entitled : MTOTOSCHOOL

This association aims to help the creation of school structures (crèches, nursery) in disadvantaged areas particularly abroad and specifically in Tanzania, where the needs are real, schooling intervening more often than to the age of 7 years. Fundraising, sponsorships and donors for the creation, development and operation of structures; seeking volunteers for all projects (creation, construction, operation) and also for the teaching part and monitoring of children.

The head office is set at SALON DE PROVENCE. FRANCE.
It may be transferred by decision of the Board of Directors.

Article 4 - DURATIONThe duration of the association is unlimited.

The association consists of four categories of members: founder members, ordinary members, associate members and supporting members.
1) Founding members are the foundations that have taken the initiative in the creation of this association.
2) Adherent members are, foundations and endowments with a statutory auditor or legal persons in the case of sheltered foundations representing individuals who participate in the activity of the organization and implementation its purpose.
3) Associate members
• representatives of foreign foundations established in France, and representatives of foundations and endowments networks
• endowments whose capitalization or flows are below the threshold where the auditor is required
• foundations of promoters and endowment

4) Supporting membersBenefactor members are individuals with particular contribution to the running of the association and wish to support the development whereas the strengthening of foundations and endowment funds in France is an issue for society.Only founding members and members have the right to vote at the General Assembly. The amount of the contributions of Associate Members shall be fixed by the board of directors and for the contributions of benefactors.

To become a member of the association must be approved by the Office whose decision on the matter is discretionary and does not have to be motivated. 

The General Meeting fixed every year the amount of contributions.Active members are those who have committed to pay an annual sum of 20 euros as contributions. Honorary members are those who have rendered outstanding services to the association; they are exempt contributions ;Are benefactors, people who pay an entrance fee of 50 euros and an annual fee 20 euros set each year by the General Assembly.

For foundations with legal person and endowments with a statutory auditor, the membership of the association is lost by :
- The resignation notified by letter addressed to the president of the association at the latest on December 15 of last year.
- Non-payment of dues for the year
- The extinction of the foundation or endowment fund
- Dissolution for any reason whatsoever, legal persons or their declaration in a state of legal reorganization or liquidation,
- Exclusion pronounced by the Office for serious reasons, the person concerned has previously been invited to present his defense.

For foundations created as liberality with load in a recognized public utility foundation, a foundation for scientific cooperation, foundation or a partnership within the Institute of France, member of quality is lost by:
- The resignation of the natural person representing the foundation, notified by letter addressed to the President of the association, without replacement demand
- The death of the natural person representing the foundation, without replacement demand
- The extinction of the foundation
- Excluding the natural person representing the foundation made by the Bureau for serious reasons, the person concerned has previously been invited to present his defense.The associate membership is lost by :
- Resignation notified by letter addressed to the President no later than December 15 of the previous year.
- For endowments by the passage of membership once the endowment fund is a deputy auditor,
- For non-payment of annual dues.
- In the context of foreign foundations by the extinction of the foundation or closure of its representation in France
- For foundation project sponsors and endowment funds, for the adjournment or the completion of the foundation project,
- Dissolution for any reason this be legal persons or their declaration in a state of bankruptcy or liquidation,
- For natural persons by the cessation of their activity or the death,
- For associate members with a legal person by exclusion pronounced by the Office for serious reasons, the person concerned has previously been invited to present his defense, 
- For associate members, individuals, through their ineligibility by the Office for serious reasons, the person concerned has previously been invited to present his defense.

The loss of quality is lost by benefactor
- Resignation notified by letter addressed to the President,- Non-payment of the annual fee
- The termination of their activity or their death,
- Exclusion pronounced by the Office for serious reasons, the person concerned has previously been invited to present his defense. If necessary, the Rules specify the procedure for implementing the abovementioned provisions.

This association can join other associations, unions or groups by the board of directors.

The resources of the association consist of :
a) the contributions of the founding members, members, partners and benefactors
b) grants from the State, regions, departments, municipalities, and their public institutions, the European Community,
c) manual gifts, donations and public utility facilities,
d) revenues from goods sold or services provided by the association 
e) income from property values ​​of any kind belonging to the association,
f) donations and legacies that the association can be authorized to accept because of the nature of its object, one that is causing this effect :
- Present its accounting records and documents on all submissions of the Minister of the Interior or the prefect, regarding the use of the said gifts,
- Addressed to the prefect an annual report on its situation, and its financial accounts, including those of local committees,
- Let visit its facilities by the delegates of the ministers, and their report on the operation of those establishments.
g) all resources authorized by law, jurisprudence, and departmental responses.

The ordinary general meeting includes all members in any capacity they are.
It meets each year in May
At least fifteen days before the date fixed, the members of the association are convened by the care of the secretary. The agenda appears on the summons.The President, assisted by members of the Board, chairs the assembly and exposes the moral situation or activity of the association.The treasurer reports his management and submits the annual accounts (balance sheet, income statement and notes) for the approval of the assembly.The General Meeting sets the amount of annual contributions and the entry fee to be paid by the various categories of members.Can be addressed as the items on the agenda.
Decisions are taken by majority vote of the members present or represented. There shall, after exhausting the agenda, the renewal of outgoing board members.
All decisions are taken by show of hands, except the election of board members.The decisions of the General Meetings are binding on all members, including absent or represented.

If required, or on the request of half plus one of the registered members, the President may convene an extraordinary general meeting, in the manner provided for in these Statutes and solely for amending the statutes or dissolution or for acts of immovable property .The convocation procedures are the same as for the ordinary general meeting.Decisions are taken by a majority of members present.

The association is governed by a board of two members elected by the general meeting. Members may be reappointed.
The Board is renewed every year by half in the first year, the outgoing members are appointed by lot.
In case of vacancy, the Board provides temporary replacement of its members. There shall be their final replacement by the next general meeting. The powers of the members so elected shall expire at the end the mandate of the replaced members.
The board meets at least once every six months, convened by the president, or at the request of a quarter of its members. Decisions are taken by majority vote; in the event of a tie, the chairman has the casting vote.
Any board member who, without excuse, fails to attend three consecutive meetings will be considered resigned.

The Board of Directors shall elect from among its members, an office composed of :
1) A president ;
a) Qualities : The President combines the qualities of chairman of the board, the board and the association.
b) Powers : The President shall exercise on behalf of the office of the board and the association, to which it reports, including :
     1) He represents the association in all acts of civil life and has all powers for the purpose of engaging.
      2) He has to represent the association in court, as plaintiff or defendant. He can only be replaced by an agent acting under a special power of attorney.
      3) He can bring any legal action to defend the interests of the association, consenting all transactions and train all appeals.
     4) He calls the office, the board of directors and general meetings, sets their agenda, and presides over their meeting.
     5) It provides the internal regulations of the association for approval by the Board of Directors.
     6) It ensures the implementation of decisions adopted by the board and the board of directors.
      7) It presents the annual general meeting, the report of operations and management.
     8) It is entitled to open and operate in any credit or financial institutions, all accounts and all savings accounts.
    9) shall sign any purchase or sale, and more generally all acts and all contracts necessary for the execution of decisions of the office of the board and general meetings.
     10 ) He orders the expenses.
11) it repays the expenditure and revenue collection.
12) It presents the annual budgets, and control their execution.
13) It may be assisted by a Board member in each of the above tasks.
14) He may delegate in writing his authority and signature; it may at any time terminate the said delegations. Any act, any commitment beyond the scope of powers defined above must be previously authorized by the Board of Directors.

2) A secretary-treasurer.
The Secretary General ensures the proper functioning physical, administrative, accounting and legal association. It establishes, or causes to be drawn under its control, the minutes of board meetings, the board and general meetings. He holds, or has kept under its control, the records of the association. The Board or procures under its control, the statements in the prefecture, and publication in the Official Gazette, in accordance with the legal or regulatory provisions. It can act as delegated by the President.
The treasurer establishes, or causes to be drawn under its control, the annual accounts of the association. He proceeds to the annual appeal contributions.He may, by delegation and under the control of the President, make the payment of expenditure and receipt of revenue.He is authorized to open and operate in all credit institutions or financial, all accounts and all savings accounts.

All functions, including those of members of the Board of Directors and the office, are free and voluntary. Only expenses incurred in the performance of their duties are reimbursed on evidence. The financial report presented to the annual general meeting has, for the beneficiary, reimbursement of mission expenses, travel and representation.

An internal regulation can be established by the Board, which then makes it approve by the general meeting.
The Rules are intended to fix the various points not covered by these statutes, including those relating to the internal administration of the association.

In case of dissolution pronounced as provided for in Article 12, one or more liquidators are appointed, and the assets, if any, shall vest in accordance with decisions of the extraordinary general meeting which decides on the dissolution.

"Made in Salon de Provence, April 22, 2015"